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NEOS Services


In a world of population growth, environmental change, and increased national security there is a growing need for timely, accurate, and affordable information for public and private organizations.  Using aircraft and drones, NEOS collects geo-referenced airborne data for resource management, environmental monitoring, and public safety. 


Orthorectified Imagery


Accurately located images are merged and color balanced to produce a single color and color infrared image mosaic for direct use in geographic information systems (GIS) and image processing software. Orthorectified image mosaics covering tens of square miles down to a 3 cm spatial resolution can be generated for specific sites and wide areas.  Seamless orthomosaics are viewable in Google Earth or other GIS applications.  


3D Point Cloud Generation


Automated feature extraction techniques are used to generate detailed terrain, buildings, and vegetation height information using airborne image data.  3D point clouds and derived raster surface models for volume and digital surface modeling are provided in GIS ready formats. High Resolution 3D point cloud renditions offer an affordable alternative to LIDAR for capturing high accuracy ground features.

Change Detection


GPS triggering of predefined camera positions facilitates sub-pixel change detection when comparing time series imagery.  Changes in spectral reflectance related to surface cover, vegetation stress, and physical disturbance are quantified by location.   Over time, patterns and trends can be documented and analyzed.

Thematic Image Enhancement


Thematic image enhancements emphasize a particular theme or special topic such as vegetation cover and condition, hydrology, surface disturbance, and change detection among others.  The highlighted image information can be further classified and fused with other rectified image maps, vector data, and digital surface models.  The net result is to increase the cost/benefit of image based products.

Fire Watch Service


As California wildfires increase in destruction and frequency, NEOS, Ltd is introducing its Fire Watch service to homeowners focused on fire risks, impacts, and restoration.  NEOS, Ltd uses advanced aerial survey technologies to create detailed image maps of residential structures in relation to flammable vegetation threatening property.  


Areas subject to recent wildfire impacts are mapped using detailed aerial imagery to highlight "defensible space" areas for risk mitigation. Impacted areas are monitored over time to provide an early warning of wildfire risk factors.  Community-based action plans are developed and validated through this process. 

Read the FireWatch Press release here:

Drone Services


Our strategic partnership with Airspace Consulting gives us access to experienced, FAA Certified Remote Pilots in Command as well as specialized drones for aerial mapping and imaging. The integration of aerial data from drones and conventional aircraft is proving these two technologies are mutually beneficial.   By optimizing aerial image coverage to create the big picture, site specific measurements are made from drones for “ground truthing” aerial maps.

Sensor Testing


With access to a Beechcraft Bonanza A-36, GT 500 and a fleet drones, NEOS can test and evaluate new sensors.  Tested payloads include ground penetrating radar (GPR), hyperspectral and thermal sensors, ISR sensor systems, and atmospheric aerosol measurement systems.

Satellite in a Suitcase


NEOS has developed a modular airborne imaging and mapping system for conventional aircraft.  The “Satellite in a Suitcase” product line is powered by the Aero Scientific Aviatrix flight management and camera control system.  NEOS is the USA government and academic reseller of Aviatrix and Fire Flight aerial fire mapping system.  The modular design makes it easy to switch between a medium format DSLR camera, FLIR thermal imaging sensor and even the Hasselblad A6D.  Personal training and technical support is available to all customers.

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