In a world of population growth, environmental change, and increased national security there is a growing need for timely, accurate, and affordable information for public and private organizations.  

 NEOS Ltd has maintained a track record of 100% project completion and client satisfaction since 1995.

NEOS Ltd has completed contracts for a global list of government, commercial and private clients.

About NEOS, Ltd.

Richard McCreight founded NEOS, Ltd. in 1995 after pioneering the development of four Near-Earth Observation System (NEOS) light aircraft for several NASA research projects. Richard transformed NEOS into a fully integrated multispectral imaging system with low start-up and operating costs, while still meeting NASA’s exacting scientific requirements. NEOS evolved into an integrated approach to environmental measurement and monitoring, using the latest remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) technology to meet mission objectives. (more)


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